Body scrub

Himalayan + Lavender-Himalayan salt,Lavandula,Lavender oil and sprigs
Coconut + Lemon-Coconut, Sugar,Grapeseed,Lemon,Poppy seeds
Belini-Sugar,Coconut shell powder,Olive oil,Almond oil,Grapeseed,Grapefruit oil,Orange oil

Butt naked exfoliating scrub in 3 great options. Gentle scrubs filled with natural ingredients your skin will love.

Himalayan Lavender - Calming and will help free you from daily stresses

Belini -Citrus aromas to help uplift and rejuvenate 

Coconut Lemon- Bright fresh skin and sensitive skin friendly.

250g pouch and all Vegan, plant based and natural.

Cruelty free and no palm oil
Australian made