Gather & Harvest Candle

Magnolia blossom
Lime Lemongrass
Country pear

Each candle is hand-poured in our Mt Beauty studio and uses repurposed glass vessels that were hand-cut and sanded by a Balinese mother in need.

By choosing this Gather + Harvest CocoSoy candle, you directly support underprivileged women and their children with valuable work skills, an ethical work environment & a livable wage to directly break the cycle of poverty.

After your 55+ hours of burn time, reuse the candle glass in your home as a drinking glass, storage container or vase. Because they’re too pretty to throw out and a mother in Ketut has worked too hard to create them.

Dimensions: 10cm high x 8cm diameter

Weight: Approx. 330g

Ingredients: Coconut, soywax, synthetic scents

Wick: Cotton

Vessel: Recycled glass bottle hand-cut and sanded by a Balinese street mum

 Comes boxed x