Hand blended Tea

Sleep .chamomile Rooibos cinnamon valerian root Lemon peel and balm
Skin. Collagen peptides Ashwaganda Olive leaf Swncha Gingko Spearmint Calendula and Rose
Moontime.Spearmint Peppermint Cohosh root Dong quai Liquorice Ashwaganda St Johns wort Red clover Lavender Lemon verbena
Cold and flu.Lemongrass Hibiscus Rosehip Echinacea Siberian ginseng Spearmint ginger
Chocolate coconut chai. Black tea star anise cinnamon Ginger Fennel Cardamon Cloves Nutmeg Bay leaf Black pepper Coconut Cacao Chocolate Berries
Happiness. Lemongrass Apple Jasmine Rose Peppercorns Cinnamon Coriander Rasberry leaf Ginger

Gorgeous hand blended teas made from premium ingredients from Tea collective.

Presented in a Glass bottle and cork lid that is to nice to not reuse.


100g/40 serves

All natural

Made in Australia